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Arabian Saddles for Endurance and Trail Riding

Each and every one of the Arabian Saddle Company saddles are hand made by an individual craftsman; not mass produced on a production line. We pride ourselves in using only traditional natural materials. Our saddle trees are built by hand using laminated beech wood, and then reinforced with steel for strength and durability. All of our leather is of a premium grade English or European hide, tanned and curried as it has been for generations, then finally hand finished to achieve the look and feel that is synonymous with quality the world over. 


New** 2020 Rubicon™ Mono Flap Endurance Saddle

The 2020 Rubicon™ Mono Flap Endurance Saddle is Lovatt and Ricketts latest model in their Endurance range. Using their unique innovative saddle tree featuring a more open pommel and swept back tree points, which gives a whole new freedom to the movement of the horse, eliminating restrictions in the shoulder area. Using Mono Flap design we now offer a truly close contact Endurance saddle for the rider.

The new L&R® Double Position Swing Bar allows the rider to change stirrup length to maintain a balanced position in the saddle while riding different disciplines.

blocks, and interchangeable long or short billets in several different positions.

Solstice Endurance & Trail Saddle

Available by custom order. 

First produced 20 years ago this has become one of our most successful saddles ever, we have sold literally thousands of these saddles worldwide proving that this is one of the truly iconic Endurance / Trail saddles ever made. Built on the same tree as our Rubicon saddle it has all of the qualities to obtain the perfect fit for your horse.  If you are a competitive rider or trail ride for pleasure, you will find this is truly the Solstice the most comfortable English saddle of this type on the market today.

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