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The Arabian Saddle Company is able to produce a work of art in leather that will give many years of pleasure and enjoyment to the owner.
The Arabian Saddle Company® first undertakings were to produce a saddle tree for each discipline taking into account the configuration of the Arabians back and then make proto-types on these trees for testing by Arabian horse owners.  Our first foray into this was to concentrate on our Endurance saddle, the simple logic being that if we could make a horse and rider comfortable after hours of riding and in some cases 100 miles in a day, you have a sound platform for a range of saddles. Almost three decades have been spent, firstly defining the requirements of this range of saddles. With the assistance and cooperation of Arabian horse owners worldwide, they advised and tested prototype models until we were absolutely certain we had produced a range of saddles, which included all of the features required.

Arabian Saddle Company
We are proud to have Beverly Gray, a previous rider for the U.S. Equestrian Endurance Team, and National Champion, as our endurance specialist   and distributor.  She has been representing us for over 25 years.



Saddles for every rider and their horse


"OMG I LOVE MY SOLSTICE! Just did the Eagle ride - 8 1/2 hours of ride time, constantly climbing up or down. I usually get off Bat with hips hurting and a tight back. Nothing! No pain, no tension. and his back was perfect too! THANK YOU!!!"-Steph Teeter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Official Saddle of the Tevis Endurance Ride


The Rubicon was chosen as the official saddle of the 100 mile Tevis Endurance Ride.  

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